Who Should We Eat?

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Following a mysterious plane crash, you and your fellow survivors have washed ashore upon an uncharted desert isle. The only way off the island is to build a raft and you must pool your resources - but, food is scarce, your resolve is waning, and the more you struggle to survive, the more the other survivors begin to look delicious to you! You know that not all of you will make it off the island, which means that only the strong will survive. Trials are held to choose the survivor to sacrifice his or her life - or, sometimes, a knife fight will resolve the matter when cooler (less hungry) heads can't prevail. But, on this mysterious island, the veil between the spirit world and mortal existence is paper-thin. If you succumb to the hunger and are forced to eat a member of your party, you'll be driven deeper into madness and awake to find a new, vengeful, ghostly presence intent on ensuring that you never, ever leave the island! Who Should We Eat? is a semi-cooperative, lighthearted social game of desert island survival and resorting to cannibalism way too fast!

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