WizKids Dungeon Dressings: Merchant's Row

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The highly anticipated WizKids Dungeon Dressings: Merchant's Row set from WizKids is finally available for release! Build the dungeon of your dreams with WizKids Dungeon Dressings: Merchant's Row!

From simple farmer's markets to exotic bazaars, these stalls, tables, shelves, and displays offer prime locations for all your peddling, hawking, and vending needs. Design your adventure with WizKids Dungeon Dressings: Merchant's Row. Where will your campaign lead you?

Key Features:

  • Hanging Display Shelves may be attached to the Small Standing Stalls or used separately for displaying wares.
  • Pre-Painted
  • Extraordinary Definition
  • Expansive Variety of Items to Add to Your Scenes
  • Fantastic Value FLGS Release (No KickStarter)
  • Works with Existing WizKids Products

This Set Includes:

  • 1x - Weapons Merchant
  • 1x - Potions Merchant
  • 1x - Tanning Rack
  • 1x - Pig
  • 1x - Cow
  • 1x - Grain Sack
  • 1x - Square Crate
  • 1x - Square Crate of Cabbages
  • 1x - Square Crate of Apples
  • 2x - Large Vendor Stall
  • 1x - Canted Display Table
  • 1x - Market Stall Shelf
  • 2x - Covered Vendor's Table

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