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Grow the tallest trees in a national forest

Dice Rolling Area Majority

Can you balance the task of planting the tallest trees across not just one but many forests?

In Sequoia you are trying to grow skyscraper trees by carefully managing your dice rolls. After your 10 turns, if you have the tallest tree, then you earn the victory points from that forest, while second place gets a small consolation prize.

The winner is the one who has collected the most points across 11 different forests!

The Strategy

Wrestle the dice

Each turn, you get to grow two of your trees. Which trees you choose will determine if you win or lose. Do you keep fighting in a forest with competition, or start growing your tree somewhere else? You'll have to wrestle with the dice to grow the tree you want.

Sequoia is a game of choosing your battles.

The dice will always give you choices, but they will be hard choices.

Ties in each forest are decided by extra tie-breaker rounds that can lead to epic finishes.


What’s inside the box

Box dimensions are 4.7 inches wide x 4.7 inches tall x 2 inches deep

  • 11 Forest Cards
  • 11 First Place Tokens
  • 11 Second Place Tokens
  • 25 Dice
  • 100 Tree Tokens

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