DIE RPG: Standard Version

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In DIE: The Roleplaying Game, players take on the roles of authentically flawed people from the real world who gather together to play a game and are dragged into a magical realm. What are they prepared to sacrifice to escape? What are they prepared to sacrifice to stay? Built by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans, the creative duo behind the Image comic of the same name, this 408 page book gives players all the tools they need to build a bespoke world out of the obsessions and dreams of their friends. It includes a never-before-seen 7 page intro comic by Stephanie and Kieron, endpapers by designer Rian Hughes, over 65 new images by Stephanie, and exclusive guest illustrations by Gene Ha, Marguerite Sauvage, Tula Lotay, Elsa Charretier and other industry luminaries. The rules are easy to learn and suitable for newcomers to roleplaying games and veterans alike. At each step of the process, Kieron has provided extensive guidance to help people make their own unique story based on the world of DIE.

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