Roll to the Top: Journeys

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Travel the World

Visit great landmarks

A roll and write where everyone uses the same dice every turn, trying to fill their landmark first, with bigger and bigger numbers as you go up.

In this beautifully illustrated roll and write, you'll take on the role of a young artist going on a once-in-a-lifetime journey around the world. Travel to incredible landmarks all over the globe - from the Pyramid of Giza to the Matterhorn.

Compete in a series of roll and write boards, each illustrating one of the exciting stops on this world-wide journey, and try to be the first player to fill in all the boxes and make it to the top of the landmark.

All players will pull from the same pool of numbers, rolled on the active dice, using the values to make their way up from the bottom to the top of each landmark. Numbers must increase as you climb, so combine the values carefully! Each location will bring with it a series of unique rules, mixing up play and adding to the challenge!

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