Werewolf The Apocalypse: RPG - Scent of Decay Chronicle Book (Pre-order)

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February 06, 2024
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Rotting from the inside. Milton has become a company town, and that company is Pentex. Between the rent-a-cops, the wasp fomori and the malicious spirits life there gets harder every day. Can a single pack of Garou scrape off the rot and turn Milton into territory they actually want to hold? Scent of Decay presents guidance for character creation and three pre-written stories set in the same small town and scenes which can be included in any Werewolf chronicle: The Break Room - A corporate fulfillment center seeks productivity at a terrible human cost; Shadows on the Prison Walls - A trickster spirit tries to use the Garou for their own ends; A Pound of Flesh - A rival pack and their patron spirit challenge Miltons Garou. Features: Three pre-written stories that can be run separately or linked together, Guidance for character creation and session zero, useful for running these stories or any others, Plug-and-play scenes showing Garou relationships with humans and their world, suitable to drop into any story.

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