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The Pumafiosi (Puma Mafiosi) operate in a strict hierarchy from the family's boss down to the lowest Picciotti.

Earn your way to the top of the Pumafia Hierarchy while knocking down rival families!

Everyone wants to reach the top, and no one wants to end up at the bottom — or even beneath the soil. Amongst these aspiring Pumafiosi, it is wise to keep your head out of the firing line. Stand out too much, and you'll soon find yourself in prison, if not murdered by the rival families.

Pumafiosi is a refreshingly unique blend of simple trick-taking and precarious press-your-luck. Each trick, the person who plays the second-highest card wins, and they decide where to place that winning card in the hierarchy. You can even choose to place your measly card at the top of the hierarchy to stake your claim on the big boss points. The catch is that these cards can be knocked down one or more steps on the hierarchy by higher-valued cards, and whoever owns a falling card is penalized!

Why You’ll Love It

Tense Decision-Making In a Refreshing Card Game

With just 3 cards in hand, determine when to keep a card, when to play it, and where to place a winning card into the hierarchy. Each game provides a unique feel as participants grapple with the shifting hierarchy by taking big risks or making calculated plays. 2-Player games feel strategic and vicious while 5-player games feel bombastic and lively. Featuring Puma characters that ooze with cutthroat charisma, you'll feel like a mafia boss yourself as you penalize rivals for their foolish aspirations and gamble your success on even bigger payouts.

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