Psychic Pizza: Deliveries to the Ghost Town

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It’s a chilly night out in the ghost town and you need to deliver the pizza while it’s still hot!

With the assistance of the town’s friendly, but not entirely helpful Mayor, you’ll blindly navigate through teleportation wormholes, fight spooky ghosts in graveyards, and run into noisy animals. Luckily for you, the pizza delivery professionals all possess mild psychic powers and they can use their abilities to sense and divine what's around them as they race to finish!


Harness Your Psychic Powers

Your quest to quickly deliver pizza will be aided by your psychic abilities.

Each deliverer will start the game with special abilities and can earn more as they navigate through the town and banish ghosts. Psychic powers like the "Pizza Sense" or "Psychic Eye" add additional ways to deduce the layout of the ghost town by providing clues as to where the pizza or homes might be located! Wandering around in the dark doesn’t have to be scary!

The added cards proudly feature more illustrations from the original artist of the Japanese version, Ryo Nyamo!

The Details

A Challenging Puzzle Exploration

It's a game about adventurous puzzle solving. The concept seems straightforward (just a deliver a pizza!) but blindly running around through a map created by the GM (aka The Mayor), deducing your location, and taking hints from other player's actions will be challenging and immensely rewarding.

It's a game that thrives on the players enjoying the journey. The game is tough because you can't see the map you're navigating. Every move is only guided only by your previous move, and your deductions based on the Mayor's Surroundings Report. Detours and obstacles may confuse your sense of direction, but it will always be rewarding and entertaining.

It's a game that can equally reward attention to detail. You can certainly enjoy the game with a laissez-faire mindset, but keen note takers will be able to piece together critical info much more quickly.


What's inside the box

Box dimensions are 6.75 inches wide x 10.75 inches tall x 2.25 inches deep

  • 8 Pizza deliverers
  • 22 Psychic cards
  • 32 Map tokens (Start, graves, fences, portals, houses, pizza, mailboxes)
  • 28 Ghosts
  • 5 Pizza boxes
  • 5 Houses
  • 4 Map boards
  • 4 Dry erase markers

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