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Build a frenetic factory

A puzzle game where you lay pipe and daisy-chain machines together.

Put on your hard hat and install machines, pipes, supply tanks, and reservoirs in this fast, furious, and fun game of factory planning.

Factory Funner is a refresh of the cult classic tile laying puzzle game from Cwali with stunning zany new artwork. We've kept the gameplay the same, but added a variant for those that want to play a more relaxed style.

Your goal is to purchase the best machines and make the most profitable factory. Putting down tiles might seem straightforward, but your mind will start bending as much as the pipes when you try to install machines that seemingly have no place. It’s full of unexpected delights and surprises!

You choose the speed

With the standard play mode, quick grabbing is rewarded - This game doesn't have analysis paralysis. When the machines are flipped over at the start of the turn, you have to decide which one you want. Too slow and someone will take your machine. Too fast and you might grab one that you think can work... but won't.

BUT, there is also a non-real-time variant! The quick-grab style of play we realize isn't fun or even possible option for everyone. So we've added an alternative rule that removes all the speed elements and is still fun because it encourages a very different and more deliberate style of gameplay.

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