Old-School Essentials: Holy Mountain Shaker

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Thunder and quake have come to the old town. Towers crumble, homes tumble, the quick become the dead. What omen could be more obvious? The Pharaoh Fish under the mountain is displeased. This God must be propitiated. Brave heroes must venture to buy the city's salvation. At the very least, the Town Council needs to appear in control and send some 'expert adventurers' into the depths.A fantasy pointcrawl adventure for characters of 5th to 6th level.Local town, 17 pointcrawl regions, dungeon inside the Pharaoh Fish.Pointcrawl mechanics for Old-School Essentials.Keyed in a quick-reference, bullet point format.Author: Luka Rejec, Cover artist: Luka Rejec48-page hardcover; A5 (Digest) size; deluxe quality sewn binding; endpapers printed with maps and area summaries.

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