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Rock the runway

Multiple Auctions At Once

Every turn, there are three simultaneous auctions. You can’t win them all. But can you win the right ones? Compete to model different types of fashion, each with its own scoring criteria.

Each turn, new cards will be available in each of the three cities. All players simultaneously make secret bids in each city using their influence card. The player who bids the most in a particular city gets the first pick in that city. Second most, second pick, and so on.

Some of the cards you collect will give you immediate points. Others will replace influence cards in your hand, giving you more bidding power. However, most of the cards help you compete for magazine covers (via different majorities and set collection mechanics), which score big points at the end of the game.

The model with the highest score after seven rounds wins the game and, with it, all the fame of a global spotlight!

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