Digimon TCG: Exceed Apocalypse Booster Display (24) (BT15) (Pre-order)

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August 08, 2023
February 2024
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4 popular Tamers including Matt from the Digimon Adventure anime not included in BT14 are here. 5 of their partner Digimon such as WereGarurumon are also included with the new ACE play mechanic! You can build decks based on these ACE Digimon. Digimon Seekers' Shuu Yulin and her partner Ryudamon, are also featured. The last boss of Digimon Adventure, Apocalymon, gets its first Digimon card. This reveal caused huge waves on social media in Japan! Apocalymon will also receive a rare low-pull rate card with an alt-art illustration. 20 new text cards from the Japanese tournament and Premium Bandai exclusive are included as 20 card types in BT15! There are 4 ACE card types, for a total of 6 types total in BT15.

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