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What if the animals were the ones who ran the zoo?

Merit your way into the zoo’s star exhibit through crafty politicking.

…Presumably, this wild government would be built upon the support of fellow creatures and fueled by the fame, attention, and prestige of wide-eyed visitors. Naturally, the most aspirational beasts would lobby for a position in the star exhibit, and the lead star would be elected Zoo Mascot.

In order to join the star exhibit, each species must campaign its way up the hierarchy of enclosures with the majority support of animal voters. And the lead star will be the species that has earned the most laurels from both raving fans and jealous rivals along the way.

How does one gain support and earn laurels? Through crafty politicking, clever negotiations, and ruthless schemes. There can only be one Zoo Mascot, after all.

Why You’ll Love It

Simple Rules, Thrilling Depth, Staggering Replayability

While your turn consists of choosing from 1 of 4 simple actions, the opportunities for negotiation are endlessly exciting… bribe with laurels, grant your unique abilities, promise future actions — the sky is the limit! With this much flexible interaction, no two games of Zoo Vadis will ever feel the same.

Dr. Knizia has proven that he is a master of cramming a fully satisfying game arc into a lightning-quick experience. Will you race to enter the Star Exhibit and avoid being blocked from victory? Or will you hang back and exploit the desperate needs of your opponents? The drama and urgency doesn’t let up for a single moment of this 20-40 minute romp.

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