Dungeons & Dragons: Icons of the Realms - Adult Deep Dragon (Pre-order)

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January 15, 2024
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The D&D Icons of the Realms: Adult Deep Dragon boxed miniature is an excellent addition to your miniatures collection or display shelf. Sculpted with highly detailed features and using premium paints, this deep dragon is a great foe for any adventure! Making their lairs in the depths of the Underdark, deep dragons are nightmarish cousins of chromatic dragons. The warped magical energy of their subterranean realm gives them the ability to exhale magical spores that instill fear and scar the mind. Deep dragons' black-and-gray hide is smooth like a salamander's, and their eyes are pale. As they age, their spore breath causes fungi to bloom across their skin, especially around the head and neck. Their wings are attached to their front legs and can fold in close to the body, allowing deep dragons to easily maneuver through relatively narrow tunnels. Order yours today! Check out these other dragons! 96228 - D&D Icons of the Realms: Adult Brass Dragon 96244 - D&D Icons of the Realms: Adult Lunar Dragon. Contents subject to change. Images not final.

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