Shapers of Gaia

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You are a Shaper, emerging from the Vault after millennia carrying the ingredients to restore Gaia and its ecosystem to its former glory! Work alongside the Caretaker robot to earn Prestige as you restore the ruined biomes of the land to their former splendor, repopulate species old and new, and give life to a rejuvenated ecosystem. Accumulate rare resources such as Nutrients and Energy to grow faster. But be careful! New biomes also provide resources to your rival factions. Shapers use their unique skills to provide different gameplay advantages and challenges. Components: 1 Game Board, 30 Biome Tiles, 7 Starting Biome Tiles, 6 Shaper Boards, 3 Resource Tracks, 3 Shaper figures, 1 Caretaker figure, 30 Animal figures, 15 Resource Markers, 18 DNA Tokens, 45 Prestige (VP) tokens, 30 Toxicity Tokens, 45 Species Cards, 9 Special Species Cards, 3 Behavior Cards, 1 Score Pad, 1 Rules Booklet. Components subject to change.

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