Dungeons & Dragons: 7in Scale Action Figure - Ultimate Elkhorn Figure (Pre-order)

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November 14, 2023
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From the lore of Dungeons and Dragons! NECA has taken inspiration from the classic action figure release and reinterpreted it for the modern collector's market, taking advantage of all of today's advances in technology and tooling. Elkhorn the Good Dwarf Fighter is well-packed for epic adventure and battle against his malevolent enemies. This detailed 7" scale action figure comes with his sword and sheath, shield, opening backpack, bearded axe, battle axe, war hammer, war pick, dagger, Gutbuster jug, torch, Heartstone, crystals, alternate head, and interchangeable hands. Collector-friendly Ultimate packaging with an opening front flap. What is NECA's Ultimate line? NECA's Ultimate action figures are collector-friendly, 7-inch scale, near-definitive figures with multiple accessories to allow a collector to display different poses from diverse scenes/moods. The packaging is 5 panel (window box with front opening flap), which makes it both attractive to display and easy to remove and replace in the box without destroying the packaging.Not just any action figure can qualify as an Ultimate! There are several factors that are put into the design direction, including: Exceptional detailing & realistic sculpting, Highly articulated - 20+ points of articulation minimum, "Photoreal" - DIJ face printing for the ultimate in realism, Figures include multiple accessories, Hand & digitally sculpted, Premium window box packaging.

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