Blaseball: Wild Cards

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For eight innings, the two teams have matched each other ball for ball. Incredible plays, stunning hits, near home runs plucked from the sky before they can sail over the boundary wall. It's the top of the ninth, and the coaches of these rival teams will do anything to claim victory in these final moments of the game of the year...

Correction: YOU will do anything you can. Because this is Blaseball: Wild Cards, and you're in charge! You decide who's stepping up to pitch, who's batting first, and when to fire special abilities as your players round the bases. If you're smart - and a little bit lucky - you can pull ahead and steal the win!

It's a card driven, dice rolling, super power triggering battle for only one thing – total Blaseball glory. You don't need to know anything about Blaseball (or even regular baseball) to enjoy the game. With a streamlined set of rules, all you need to know is play cards, roll dice, score runs. That's it!

Based on the Internet sensation developed by The Game Band, Blaseball: Wild Cards is the official spin-off card game of the absurdist sports horror simulation, designed by Rain Watt and Michael Fox. It sees two players face off against each other in a pitch battle for Blaseball glory. One coach takes control of some of the finest players in the game, the Auric All-Stars – heavy hitters, fan favourites, almost unbeatable. On the other side stand the Canis Underdogs, a motley crew of heels and reprobates who will do anything to win... but who will claim victory?

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