Dungeons & Dragons RPG: Premium Dungeon Master's Screen (Pre-order)

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August 06, 2023
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In need of some Greater Invisibility at the game table? Let all your DM decision making Pass Without Trace behind the privacy of the Premium Dungeon Master's Screen for Dungeons & Dragons! This premium leatherette tri-fold screen offers everything you need to run your campaign, and provides the perfect protection for hiding dice rolls, quick damage calculations, and upcoming ambushes from the rest of your team's prying eyes. Each of the four clear, write-on pockets on the inside of the screen is gusseted and holds up to 10 8.5" x 11" sized paper sheets, which can also be held in place outside the pockets with the 8 included initiative tracker clips. Use the clear plastic sheet of each pocket as a wet/dry-erase surface for tracking map movements, initiative order, or shop inventory lists with the included dry-erase marker! This officially licensed screen features the classic D&D ampersand embossed and embroidered on the front cover, and sits perfectly flush on the shelf next to your other Ultra PRO Premium Source Book Covers. Includes four unique pages of static-cling reusable stickers to quickly build NPCs and dungeons, place enemies, and track status conditions. Measures approximately 42.77" lengthwise when fully opened, with a height of 11.79".

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