Spire RPG: Core Rulebook 5th Anniversary

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In Spire: The City Must Fall, players take on the role of a rebel cell in service of a forbidden goddess of shadows and misdirection, and it is their mission to overthrow the government with a mixture of espionage, rabble-rousing, illegal magic and murder. Spire offers players a variety of weird and wonderful character classes, such as the hyenatoting Carrion Priest, the mass-transit wizard Vermissian Sage, the backstabbing Masked, the spider-blooded occultist Midwife and the Bound, who has trapped a loose god in their knife and refuses to let it out. Spire uses a simple set of mechanics called the Resistance System, which focuses on what player characters have to lose and how far they can fall before they succumb to misfortune. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Spire's release, we've redesigned and reprinted the core book - and included additional content in the form of the Black Magic rulebook and the Blood and Dust scenario which were previously available as separate softcover sourcebooks.

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