G.I. JOE RPG: Villain Miniatures - Set 1

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Bringing a group of high-powered Threats, the G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game Villain Miniatures Set 1 is a variety of antagonists for your G.I. JOE game, or possibly Allies or Player Characters if using the Cobra Codex Sourcebook. Players or Game Masters can paint and customize their favorite Cobra characters or use them right out of the box for tactical exploration and combat. Requires the G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game to play. Contents: 12 new miniatures! Designed to fit standard 1" grid (28mm scale), 1 Baroness Miniature, 1 Cobra Commander Miniature, 1 Destro Miniature, 1 Dr. Mindbender Miniature, 1 Major Bludd Miniature, 1 Road Pig Miniature, 1 Serpentor Miniature, 1 Storm Shadow Miniature, 1 Tomax Miniature, 1 Xamot Miniature, 1 Zarana Miniature, 1 Zartan Miniature.

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