Battlezoo Bestiary: Strange & Unusual (P2) (Pre-order)

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April 08, 2023
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The Battlezoo Bestiary: Strange & Unusual for Pathfinder Second Edition is filled with over 150 award-winning monsters, expanded rules for the Monster Parts system, the Aberrant Soul archetypes, new backgrounds, magic items, and more! Includes both the hardcover versions and the PDFs for free! Are you ready for the weirdest and most unexpected award-winning monsters around? Battlezoo Bestiary: Strange and Unusual is the long-awaited effort of the 2021 RPG Superstar contest, in which hundreds of monster fans and aspiring designers submitted their most unusual creature ideas to be judged by both professional RPG Designers and the community. In addition to the monsters, you'll find an exciting expansion to the monster parts system from the original Battlezoo Bestiary and more!

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