Fate of the Norns RPG: Ragnarok The Mistletoe Spear Adventure (Pre-order)

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December 19, 2023
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We know the tale of how, through the treachery of Loki, Baldur came to be slain by the Mistletoe Spear. There's also the tale of the White God hung upon the cross, wounded by the spear of Destiny. Then there's Odin, when he sought out the mysteries of the Runes and wounded himself with Gungnir, a sacrifice of himself to himself. Spears of awesome power, guarantee victory to whom so ever shall possess them. Spears and blades and cauldrons abound in the stories. So many with each people claiming them as their own. What mystery does this hide? 'Tis a thing of wonder to contemplate, and a font of wisdom to be tapped.

What few know is that when Baldur fell, Odin, in his grief and fury, hurled the Spear of Destiny into the void between the nine realms where, by chance, it fell to Midgard. Now Aethelstan seeks the spear in Northumbria. Jarl Erik Blood Axe once more calls on Fjorn, Karl's son of Orkney, his secret, bastard half-brother, to risk life and limb. Fjorn must travel the frozen wastes of a world trapped in Fimbulwinter, to find the Spear of Destiny and keep it from the hands of Rome's puppet king.

So begins The Spear of Destiny, the second tale in the Saga of the Bastard Prince, where Fjorn, Sigurlina, Audun, Ragna, Vidurr, Kjorn and a newcomer to the group Jolnir must challenge the might of Aethelstan's armies to preserve the Norse way of life and the right to choose the gods they call their own.

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