Warmachine MKIV: Brineblood Marauders Core Army Starter

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Includes: Captain Firequill, warlock - Reef Troll, light warbeast - Deepborne Dire Troll, heavy warbeast - Marauder Crew, unit (x2) - Pyg Boarding Party, unit - Galley Crew, unit - Bosun, command attachment - Quartermaster, command attachment - Surgeon, solo. From their hidden fortress seaport, the Brineblood Marauders hound the coast of Immoren, from the Gulf of Cygnar to the Windless Wastes. As merciless as they are merry, these Trollkin pirates reave in equal parts, riches and revenge, reparations for the injustices the nations of men have inflicted on troll-kind. But there are worse horrors than pirates claiming dominance of the high seas, and the Brineblood Marauders have found their kind once again caught between the Iron Kingdoms and the terrifying forces that seek their annihilation.

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