Doomtown: Debt of Blood (Pre-order)

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September 19, 2023
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Mysterious disappearances have tensions running high in Deadwood, South Dakota. In the badlands, Ursula's Worm Cult prepares a macabre ritual. Sheriff Seth Bullock prepares to lead a combined posse of townsfolk and First Peoples to stop them before it's too late. Meanwhile, Marshal Bass Reeves is hot on the trail of Jack McCall who is hiding from the ghost of "Wild" Bill Hickok, and Hao T'e Zui's Righteous Bandits are set to clash with E.B. Farnum and his allies in the Deadwood Miner's Alliance. Which of these feuds will be paid off in a debt of blood? This new Doomtown expansion features 4 copies of 56 new cards, including historical people and places of Deadwood! New rules feature Doomtown's first dual faction dude as well as Headlines that occur during High Noon. This expansion is compatible with all previously released Doomtown cards.

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