Rifts RPG: World Book 10 Juicer Uprising

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A coalition plot fools a number of innocent people into undergoing Juicer Augmentation. When the lies are revealed, a Juicer Army rises up to lay siege to the CS City of Newtown. Chaos erupts as Juicers, Bandits and Outlaws ravage the countryside. Action packed adventure and source-material! Highlights include: new types of Juicer O.C.C.S, including the Hyperion Speed-Demon, the giant titan with his supernatural strength, the mysterious mega-juicer, and the Dragon Juicer (dependent on the blood of dragons to sustain his powers)! The Juicer O.C.C., developed and expanded; the motivations behind these suicidal warriors, and the process and effects of being 'juiced' completely described. The Prometheus treatment: immortality for the juicers or a coalition lie? More world information about North America, Newtown, Fort El Dorado and hints of things to come. Written by C.J. Carella with concepts by Siembieda.

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