Rifts RPG: Sourcebook 3 Mindwerks

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Mindwerks is a companion to Triax & the NGR with the techno-horrors of the Mindwerks Corporation and its insane mastermind, the Angel of Death. More on the Ngr, Gargoyle and Brodkil Empires, robots and equipment, plus the Gene-Splicers, a dozen D-Bee Races (optional player characters), an evil Millennium Tree and mind altering cybernetic implants that provide incredible psionic and other abilities! Highlights include: 14 O.C.C.S And R.C.C.S including the Lycanmorph, Null Cyborg, Psi-Bloodhound, Ecto-Traveller, and others. Mindwerks bots, cyborgs, weapons & equipment. Mindwerks M.O.M. Conversions, crazies and insanity. Psynetic implants that instill or boost psionic powers! The Gene-Splicer, D-Bees R.C.C.S, the Black Forest, an Evil Millennium Tree, World Information, and Adventures!

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