Rifts RPG: World Book 5 Triax and the NGR

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A spectacular 224 page book of robots, power armor, weapons and the creations of Triax and the New German Republic (NGR); the most powerful human kingdom on earth! Also see Rifts Sourcebook 3: Mindwerks. Highlights include: over 60 high-tech Triax creations, including body armor, power armor, giant robots, cyborgs, androids, combat vehicles, tanks, fighter jets, and others. Over 30 new weapons, including grenades, rifles, and handguns, plus special ammunition and new cybernetic implants! Over 20 new occupational character classes including NGR Soldiers, The Euro-Juicer, Gypsies, And Gargoyles. The Gargoyle Empire, with their own giant robots, power armor, and weapons. The New German Republic, its history, allies and enemies. Written by Kevin Siembieda. Art and designs by Kevin Long, with additional art by Newton Ewell and Kevin Siembieda.

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