Rifts RPG: World Book 3 England

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Rifts England seethes with mystic energy from hundreds of ley lines and nexus points, transforming the British Isles into a land of enchantment and home to the legendary Millennium Tree, Brain Trees, Ancient Gods, Temporal Raiders And Wizards, Woodland Druids, Dryads, Blood Druids, Nexus Knights, Ghost Knights, Faeries, Stonehenge and more. Highlights include: Temporal Magic, with 25 new spells and three related character classes, all available as player characters. Herb magic completed with magic teas, potions, wands, staves, leaves, poisons and herbalist. 21 new O.C.C.S and R.C.C.S including the Chiang-Ku Dragon, Earth Child, Star Child, Mantaz Sectle, Temporal Wizard, and a variety of druids and others. The Millennium Tree and its magic. Ancient Celtic gods, monsters and villains. New Camelot a place of bright hope and dark magic. Illustrated by Long, Ewell & Breaux. Cover by Parkinson.

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