Firefight: Veer-Myn Battlegroup (Pre-order)

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August 11, 2023
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One of the Veer-myn's most powerful mechanical creations is the Tunneller. The Veer-myn are masters of repurposing the machinery of their hosts and mining equipment is frequently put to especially good use. A Tunneller may be capable of digging through kilometres of rock, literally undercutting any defensive perimeter, only to erupt amidst an enemy's positions and disgorge gangs of screeching Night Crawlers. Dismissed as a mere rumour for the longest time, or simply believed to be the mad ravings of shell-shocked weaklings, the existence of Veer-myn Tangles has now been confirmed to be no less than a deadly and disturbing fact. It was only a matter of time before a warped Veer-myn mind decided to fuse both these contraptions into one burrowing horror

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