Historica Arcanum RPG: Empires of the Silk Road Setting Guide (5E) (Pre-order)

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November 28, 2023
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5th Edition's Historical Universe returns. A 250 page Setting Guide, Historica Arcanum: Empires of the Silk Road takes place in the 13th Century Silk Road. Within this sourcebook, you will find everything you need create a legendary campaign inspired by the myths and legends of the Silk Road. You awaken, surrounded by the dunes near Samarkand, your last spell still burning your veins. You spot a caravan in the distance, gently crossing the moonlit desert... Explore the legendary cities of the Silk Road, from the Necropolis of Samarkand to the House of Wisdom of Baghdad; from the Assassin Stronghold Alamut to the ancient ruins of Babylon. Uncover arcane secrets and discover political conspiracies, mythical creatures and indigenous cultures. With this sourcebook, you'll get everything you need to explore this legendary region; including maps, creatures, side quests, and relics! Discover new ways to travel across the land using our unique Overhauled Land Travel; and fend off contagions that are more than just inconveniences with the Plague System.

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