Xcrawl Classics RPG: #003 - Please Xcrawl! Don't Hurt 'Em (Pre-order)

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March 19, 2024
May 2024
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Goodman Games is happy to announce XCC #3 Please Xcrawl! Don't Hurt 'Em for Xcrawl Classics RPG. DJ Rosie the Riveting invites only the bravest, most cunning, most tenacious adventurers to her legendary Detroit event. You KNOW you have to make the scene! But come prepared - she's got war turtles, purge zombies, killy putty, and more at her disposal. No scrubs need apply! XCC #3 Please Xcrawl! Don't Hurt 'Em is a 3rd level adventure for Goodman Games unbelievably exciting and unusual Xcrawl Classics RPG, the game of Xtreme Dungeon Crawling. Motown comes alive as DJ Rosie the Riveting tries her best to weed out those unworthy of Xcrawl stardom and lucrative corporate sponsorship deals.

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