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Parkade is a quick, easy-to-learn party game for 3-13 players. It takes 5-15 minutes and there is zero set up. Convince the guard that the word on your vehicle "fits" with the word on any of the open spots. The first driver to park all of their vehicles wins! In each of the 3 play modes players will race to convince the parking guard why their vehicles pair with the open spots. Sometimes pairs will be pretty obvious (show princess/queen, bread/butter), but sometimes you'll need to get creative. Simple and adrenaline-pumping! Teach your friends to play in 10 seconds or less! Includes 1,000 words, 200 cards, 150 unique vehicle illustrations, and 1 teeny tiny cone token. That's all there is to it! Don't let the perfect spot get snatched away!

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