Squishy: A Quick-Start Horror Game (Pre-order)

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January 22, 2024
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QUICK! Let's play a horror game! A rules lite system for those who want to run a survival horror scenario in a pinch. SQUISHY! is good to run for: Players who want a challenging game experience with minimal number-crunching, TTRPG newbies and veterans alike, Larger groups of players who don't want to spend ages statting out a character sheet. This is a d10 system and it's designed to get you from zero to scary in no time flat! The most important part of this system is the super quick character creation, and everything beyond that is just a bunch of suggestions on how to flesh out your games, including 3 random tables for: Exploring a Mystery Shrouded Town, Exploring a Sinister Manor, Exploring Oppressive Underground Tunnels.

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