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Tonight, we save the world.Immerse in ARC's rules-lite, tension-heavy adventures to race against the clock and slay the apocalypse. Capture your imagination with near-inescapable dooms that threaten limitless worlds...for a heart-racing story to remember. A high-quality, lushly designed and illustrated game. The 168-page book contains:A complete fantasy d6 RPG system with rules for:- Building engaging, tightly-paced stories through the Doomsday Clock and a trinity of Omens.- Seamless yet manifold ways to pair Skills with problem-solving Approaches. Placating a higante? Flex your charisma Creatively, Carefully, or Concertedly. - Player-driven combat with intent-based initiative. No more passively waiting for the next turn: players must strategize teamwork each round. - Esoteric ways to recover magic. Bury teeth, submerge in elements or even eat an entire door. What's the price of power?- 40 Spells & Techniques, ranging from the mundane-whispered messages-to the unknown-open doors to secret locations-and the world-wracking, truest Miracle. - 36 fascinating creatures: bunny-eared noblins, flowerheaded courtiers, cannibal elves, moon-eating wyrms and more.Plus approachable, practicable guidance to run a satisfying game of ARC with friends.ARC's OSR-empowered theme is underpinned by a deep foundation for shared stakes, breathing story arcs, and collaborative worlds that meaningfully respond to player well as world-spanning calamity.Created by momatoes.Hardcover standard edition: 168 pages, hardcover case bound, sewn binding, A5 size.

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