No Peace Without Honor!: The Dutch War 1672-1678

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No Peace Without Honor (NPWH) is a two-player game depicting Louis XIV’s earliest European wars, the War of Devolution 1667-68, the Dutch War 1672-78 and the War of the Réunions 1679-1684.

This stand alone game uses the No Peace Without Spain System. A new countersheet provides additional leaders, such as the young Prince William of Orange, or the skilled Bourbon veterans Turenne and Condé. The Sun King himself, Louis XIV, can make an appearance. A new set of event cards features incidents such as the Ottoman threat to Austria, colonial wars and the Anglo-Dutch naval war. Players must not only battle each other, but also deal with increasing war weariness among their respective populations which can trigger more political and economic events, and eventually force you to the peace table whether you are ready or not.

While this is a complete game on its own, combined with Nine Years War and No Peace Without Spain, players can refight the entire wars of Louis XIV in one grand campaign from 1668 to 1713.

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