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Hunter. Adventurer. The greatest marksman to ever live. Since he first appeared in King Solomon's Mines, Allan Quatermain has had dozens of adventures, interacting with mysterious lost tribes, and making many memorable allies along the way. One of the most famous and enduring literary characters of the Victorian era, he faces many hardships as he hunts for survival and to make his living in southern Africa.

Now, you can take on the role of Allan Quatermain on a search for wealth, that will require the help of many allies from the classic H. Rider Haggard tales of adventure. Will you try to chain together your adventure cards, focus on hunting the veldt, or bring together the most powerful allies? There are multiple paths to victory in this fast-paced, deck-building adventure.

  • Gun cards (4 types, 16 total)
  • Ammunition cards (3 types, 40 total)
  • Wealth cards (3 types, 32 total)
  • Ally cards (22 unique allies)
  • Adventure cards (12 types, 96 total - only 6 used in a game)
  • Animal and Enemy cards (many types, 86 total)
  • Shame cards (only 10 - who wants shame anyway?)
  • Rule book (just 1, but it's well written)

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