Builders of Blankenburg: Second Edition

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Blankenburg is back! The classic game of bidding and building returns with a new, second edition. A new count has arrived to oversee the tiny hamlet of Blankenburg. Two to six players compete to build up the town and earn prestige in the eyes of the count. Do you have what is takes to become the master builder and earn the key to the city? Featuring the novel citizen track, you need to pay attention not just to what you build, but for whom you are building. Each citizen has different interests and will stay at different structures. Only by catering to the citizens of the town will you ensure a steady stream of silver with which to build.

Second edition improvements include:

- New rulebook, both easier to learn the game, and some balance adjustment in the rules

- Structure cards changed from color blocks to symbols for resources
- Structure cards shifted to district symbols for placement
- Board includes district symbols on build spots

- Castle and Cathedral power adjusted in line with cost
- Wench added to starting citizens for better early structure income allocation
- A number of minor rules changes in revised rulebook

- Player aid added to the back of player screens
- Multiple silver denominations now available

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