RuneQuest RPG: The Glorantha Sourcebook (Pre-order)

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January 06, 2024
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A Guide to the Mythic Bronze Age World of Glorantha! The Glorantha Sourcebook is the setting guide for a mythical world of Bronze Age fantasy. It is every RuneQuest player's stepping stone into legend. This is a player and Gamemaster book designed to shed further light across the mythical setting for RuneQuest. The book contains no rules text, allowing players to delve into one of the most richly imagined fantasy worlds ever created, and apply it to any gaming system they desire. The story of the gods of Glorantha, the Elder Races, the background of the dreaded and misunderstood Lunar Empire, and deep detail on the workings of Gloranthan magaic. This edition contains revised, updated, and expanded content drawn from a variety of long out-of-print and rare sources. Combined with the RuneQuest core rules, The Glorantha Sourcebook is a player's next step to flesh out the setting for their RuneQuest games.

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