Sails of Glory: Imperial 1791 French SotL Ship Pack

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The Ocan-class was a series of 16 first-rate 118-gun ships of the line of the French Navy, designed by engineer Jacques-Nol San. Along with the 74-gun of the Tmraire type and the 80-gun of the Tonnant type, the Ocan 120-gun type was to become one of the three French standard types of battleships during the war period 1793 to 1815. These were the most powerful ships of the Napoleonic Wars, and a total of ten served during that time. The Imprial was a first-rate 118-gun French ship oftheline of the Ocan class. Designed by Jacques-Nol San, she was launched on 1 October 1803 and completed in February 1804 under the name Vengeur. She was renamed to Imprial in March 1805. The Imprial was the French flagship in the Battle of San Domingo on February, 6th 1806. Severely damaged and surrounded by several British ships, she was beached by her captain to prevent her sinking and capture; a few days later the British set fire to the wreck, destroying it.

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